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We all tend to judge one another on first impressions. Now’s your chance to be judgmental. In the spirit of Malaysia Baharu, let’s look beyond mere surface appearances & really truly get to know our fellow Malaysians this Merdeka & Malaysia Day. 

After all, it’s our shared diversity that makes us all uniquely Malaysian!


Chief Operating Officer at Mah Sing


Assistant Marketing Manager at Mah Sing

"A lot of people are surprised when I speak Chinese, especially when I speak to suppliers. When I speak on the phone they’ll think I’m a Chinese girl, but when they actually meet me in person they...

“Sometimes there is ambiguity about my ethnicity because I don’t sound very Chinese, or people think I’m Malay, Growing up, I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan, so I’m...


Senior Executive at Mah Sing

Muhammad Hashlinsyah

Executive, Customer Engagement at Mah Sing

“People like to think of mat rempit and bikers as the same thing, even my own parents. When I bought my super bike last year, the first thing they said was that I wanted to become a mat rempit...


Administration Executive Group Security

"The most common misconception people have of me is that usually look unapproachable or unfriendly but...


Assistant Manager at Mah Sing

“People often mistaken me for a Malay person and sometimes stare at me during Ramadhan if I were to....

"When I first started practicing Jiu-Jitsu in Malaysia, people didn’t really know what it was. They thought it was a strange sport with men wearing pyjamas. But...

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Wei Win

Management Associate at Mah Sing

“It is a common misconception that a Frisbee is solely used as a toy for dogs. Therefore, I always get genuine shocks from...

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“In a field widely dominated by men, I believe every woman should be encouraged to explore their passions. I joined the administrative field with...

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Customer Service Senior Executive

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